Hello my fellow citizens opposing the Turnpike,
For several months now, we’ve been fighting very hard to stop this insidious project.  We’ve held rallies and garnered media attention.  On the political front, a couple of State Reps stood with us and made what legislative maneuvers they could.  Sadly, Governor Fallin has been entirely unresponsive, and Senator Sharp has thrown in with the development interests who are fully behind its construction.  As a result, the citizenry of Eastern Oklahoma County have been cast aside.

Facing this reality, some of us have formed another opposition group, for the sole purpose of seeking redress through our judiciary. We have made a decision to retain a solid law firm well-experienced in this area of the law. 

Please understand that our only intention and goal in this endeavor is to STOP THIS TURNPIKE.  We do not wish to settle for anything less.  The initial cost of legal services to get us started is over $12,000.  We are requesting your financial assistance, to support us in our fight.  If you are able to help, in any way you can, kindly let us know. 

We have legally established ourselves as an Oklahoma Charitable Organization known as Victims of Eminent Domain Fund.   We ask for your help so we can continue this fight.   If you would like to donate, mail donation checks to :  

Victims of Eminent Domain Fund
P.O. Box 747
Harrah, OK 73045
We can also be reached by phone at: 405-454-6265 

Many thanks for your continued support!  




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I am completely against this inhumane project to build a turnpike in Oklahoma. This would extremely harm the environment and would destroy our natural resources. I'm begging to the government officials to please stop this project and to hear the voice of my fellow Americans. We have stood for what is right, rallied to be heard and a lot of celebrities and some officials have joined us. Please help us because this is not right at all.


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