Looks like OTA is at it again.  They have a company called RSG Research doing a survey for CDM Smith about turnpike traffic.   Be sure to let OTA know what you think!



Kerry Burrows
06/19/2016 3:49am

We DO NOT WANT ANOTHER TURNPIKE! We PURPOSELY moved to Harrah to avoid the city noise and traffic. Having the "Loop" this far East of OKC will do nothing to help the traffic situation on I-35.


Having a turnpike will have a huge commotion will happen to all the people that are travelling in far places. Toll price is very high too. Many people will get pissed about that decision. I hope that this turnpike will get canceled, So that traveling will be continuous. I’m glad that they have a survey about this turnpike to see what will be the outcome of this project, if they build a turnpike. This will help them decide if they have to continue to have this turnpike. Thanks for sharing this article, you just inform us a very useful information.

Terry Day
06/19/2016 5:06am

I believe that if you live within half of a mile from a new turn pike, before it was built you should have free access as long as you live there.


I just haven't tried that service. So I don't know what I think.

05/06/2017 4:08am


07/01/2017 12:31pm

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10/03/2017 2:47am

I will let them know what I think! I will tell them everything.


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