Reading legislative bills is not fun.   It's often confusing.   But if we hope to effect change we must participate in the process and get informed.   Please follow with us as we investigate:

Below is an image of what the Oklahoma Legislative website looks like.   We hope you take the time to bounce around and familiarize yourself with what each tab and link does.  Each provides a slightly different view of the life of a bill.  

The House bill or Senate bill designation will let you know which legislative branch originated the bill.   When you visit the live website we encourage you to click on the link (circled above)  of the specific HB/SB.   Doing so will take you to a Microsoft Word version of the bill.   Often amended, new, or reworded text will be underlined.   For existing statues and laws, you may have to scroll down pages just to find the underlined portions.   Often there are many underlined portions.  The Versions and Votes tabs will also give you detailed information on wording changes, and who supported or opposed the bill. 



03/14/2017 11:42pm

In this post, you give the information about the bills that makes the lawmakers of the country. Some of the bills are suitable and some of the bills are not good for the people. I think lawmakers should to review all the bills and improve it.


This post is very interesting to learn. Studying all the bills that the lawmakers create will gave you a headache. It's very interesting to learn more each of these bills to know what laws is very suitable in approving and the one that has to be improved. I'm glad that you share this to us. As a citizen, it's very important to learn all the bills that about to approve and may not to know what will be the situation of the country. I like to know more of your new post and I expect it will be related to government as well.

08/07/2017 12:19am

Has something changed on website? How does that page looks now?


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