Let me summarize the following article in one sentence: Mary Fallin will sign laws banning eminent domain for energy sector wind farms that could potentially compete with her oil cronies, but she supports eminent domain for OTA, a quasi-goverment agency headed by her appointees and campaign donors

Gov. Mary Fallin has signed into law an eminent domain measure that protects rural landowners from the threat of companies looking for locations to build wind turbines.

The bill's author, Sen. Ron Justice, of Chickasha, said wind power provides a tremendous boost to the state's economy, but he said it is important to protect landowners' rights.

The law was heralded by a northwest Oklahoma property owners group.

“The Southern Great Plains Property Rights Coalition supports any legislation which will help landowners protect their property now and for future generations,” the group said Friday. “We feel this is a step in the right direction since the use of eminent domain for profit is becoming a hot topic.”

Full article here:  http://newsok.com/article/3567697


L Bobbitt
04/07/2016 4:31am

Remember this is the woman who feels that the taxpayers of Oklahoma should support her adult children.

03/22/2017 3:19am

Now many type of case are going in court and may fake peoples are do for money. Property is very sensitive matter and we need to proper guideline for sell and buy the property. So we should be careful about all matter of life because everyone is not perfect for believe any work.

06/13/2017 11:57pm

I think its great if the landowners permit energy sectors to build their wind farm. Why? Well, it's because it can contribute a lot to the economy of the state and to the country. It can also provide jobs to other people. I am confused why Mary Fallin is not looking into the bigger picture. She should see the big opportunity with these wind farms.

05/12/2017 1:56am

That is the right direction. I'm sure. Hope it will work right for you!


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