With all of the statistics that the OTA, EOCP, and other pro-turnpike people have cited regarding traffic, a few key points have not been accurately reported. 

ccording to the National Highway Safety Administration, 2012-2014 data:

1) Traffic fatalities decreased in Oklahoma from 643 to 589 - an 8.3% decrease.
2) Traffic fatalities on the Turner and Will Rogers Turnpikes involving semi trucks accounted for 39% of the fatality accidents, although semi trucks only comprise 15% of the traffic.
3) There was only one fatality on highway 102 and 177 between I44 and I40, making those among the safest stretches of highway in the state.
4) Highway 169/64 in Tulsa had 8 accidents in its 7 mile stretch--making it one of the deadliest.
5) Highway 51 in Tulsa had 14 accidents.
6) I-35 in OKC - the "dangerous section" that needs traffic rerouted--had 15 fatal accidents from I-240 to I-44
7) I-240 had 17 fatal accidents, but 10 of those were on the WEST side of I35.
8) I-40 saw a 77% decrease in fatal accidents in the OKC metro once the crosstown was widened and completed.
9) When heading north on I-35 to the Turner Turnpike, ANY combination of highway routes you take to the EAST of the city is on average HALF as likely to result in a fatal accident. The least likely to involve a fatality:  I-35 to I-235 to Hwy 77 to the Kilpatrick to the Turner.
10) TOTAL of THREE traffic fatalities on all the non-highway roads in Eastern OKC (Choctaw, Jones, Harrah, Luther) east of Anderson Road, between I-40 and I-44.

As seen by the dramatic decrease in fatalities on the I-40 crosstown, improving the existing roads will have a greater impact than building new roads.   Can the OTA can guarantee a 77% decrease in fatalities by building the turnpike?

If you would like to compare for yourself, check out the interactive map:

Article by Choctaw ROADS




03/03/2017 6:42am

Traffic fatalities have increased dramatically in the past few years. It is alarming because it just shows that people are practicing reckless driving and obviously not undergoing a series of trainings that would make them a professional driver. I hope that the government focus their efforts in this department to minimize the number of casualties. My brother's death due to a fatal road accident our minds to not take these tests for granted. I hope that this serves as a lesson for everyone pursuing driving.

03/19/2017 3:02pm

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03/23/2017 2:33pm

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