OKLAHOMA CITY — National data shows that Oklahoma roads have a deadly combination: we're among the top in the nation for deadly alcohol-related crashes and distracted driving crashes.

Below is a map of where deadly crashes happened in the last year. The brighter the color, more deadly crashes. Each spot represents a death.

Topping the list, the area of the Lake Hefner Parkway near the Kilpatrick Turnpike. There were more deadly crashes along the Lake Hefner Parkway than any other area.  The second area with the most crashes is near the I-44 Lake Hefner Parkway.

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Other areas that see many deadly crashes are just north of the airport, near Meridian the area near I-44 and the Lake Hefner Parkway exchange and the area the I-235 and I-44 interchange.  While a deadly crash can happen on any road at anytime, there's one thing that's to blame now, more than ever. Distractions.

For traffic officers, they're public enemy number one. "In today's day and age, there's just so many more distractions than we used to have," said Oklahoma City Police Captain Paco Balderramma.  It's a day and age when technology is causing crashes, instead of preventing them.

"The National Safety Council estimates about a quarter of all crashes are a result of distraction from cell phones or some kind of electronic devices, so we know this is a big issue," said National Safety Council President Deborah Hersman.  "For sure, impaired driving, distracted driving and speeding are three of the main factors contributing to highway fatalities and this year in particular, it's been a perfect storm."

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By Keaton Fox Wednesday, November 4th 2015



03/30/2017 11:15pm

Everyone has right to speak freely on any topic but raise voice against the bad things. It is not the good behavior to convey the wrong message to the people and you have no right. Such type of the information is not good for the people as well as for the country.

05/13/2017 11:07pm

I have seen CCTV footages of accidents caused by drivers who can't seem to take their attention away from their phones. It breaks my heart. We should not hate people for not answering our calls and text messages when we know they are driving. We know they will be okay but we should never take chances. Lives are already lost with this very common mistake we all make.

05/09/2017 9:08am

You're ready for a new career and the open road is calling your name. You want to start driving a truck across Canada.

05/21/2017 7:53pm

I have seen many drivers disregarding the rules and chatting through various means. On top of that, most of them are even drunk and have no knowledge of what they are doing. I wonder why they try to drive and become a possible threat to others. Can't they just stop for a while and get out of their misery?


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