We have had overwhelming interest in EOCP.    We are working on a post trying to and explain this entity and its impact on the community.  In the meantime, we share a letter composed by an unhappy customer. 

To whom it may concern:

I have been a satisfied customer of yours for many years.    I wish to maintain this business relationship, but since learning about your involvement with Eastern Oklahoma County Partnership I must immediately terminate my association with your business.

Your company was mentioned as one of many sponsors of EOCP, a local public/private partnership.   We will not be conducting business with any entity that supports the destruction of our community, especially when it has been done in such a clandestine manor.   No citizen input has been considered as it pertains to the turnpike - a front page issue when you visit EOCP's website.  Most Eastern Oklahoma County residents have no idea EOCP is actively lobbying at the capitol in an effort to transform us into the next "Dallas or Phoenix"!  They have no input on EOCP plans to bring in industrial rail and high speed transit.   We find this very concerning.  Every attempt we've made to voice our concerns has been ignored.  The powers that be, including you, seem to think you know what is best for us.  Over 240 years of representative government is being circumvented.  Are you okay with that?   I am not.

Your behavior on this issue is causing real people harm.   Your business has made a terrible miscalculation in partnering with EOCP.  They are an entity that has willingly gone behind the backs of the citizens.  Any time you support a group claiming to work in the best interest of the public, you should probably ensure the public is actually included.  Since you are listed as having substantial monetary 'pre-commitments' to EOCP you are aware that they are having private invitation only meetings with confidential documents not intended for ‘everyday citizens’.  This is not how companies foster trust in a community and I am ashamed on your behalf that you ever thought it could be.   You have made a very poor choice in your sponsorship of this unnecessary, unwanted, and unelected group.  My lack of faith in your decision making is evident and must be acted upon.  One has to question the moral center of leadership that protects their business-based interest while putting the homesteads and lifestyles of others at risk.  Stop doing business like this is a game of monopoly where you get to pick and choose winners and losers.   

In order to conduct business with you at some future point, I ask you to publicly announce your withdrawal from EOCP on the basis of resounding citizens input.  Please acknowledge that the Mayors and city officials  comprising the EOCP have failed to uphold the very first by-law of the Oklahoma Municipal League:  (a) to promote the general welfare of cities and towns and their citizens.  After reviewing OML meeting minutes it is my opinion that they reveal a strong pro-business, anti-resident agenda.   We offer the following as a test for future business considerations:   If you cannot do business in the full light of day, maybe you should not be engaging in that kind of business at all. 



Larry McCleave
04/04/2016 4:49pm

Need to show the Harrah city council how we feel, there is a chance to remove Sammy Martin. Don't forget to VOTE, they need a clear message.

04/10/2017 1:31pm

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05/08/2017 4:03am

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