PictureOld Germany entrance promotes turnpike.
In ongoing turnpike drama, local business owner Mike Turek has taken to the airwaves to chastise future victims of eminent domain.  While Choctaw proved the perfect spot to realize his American dream, some question if Mike fully grasps the document that makes it all possible.   His nearly tearful interview has people baffled.

Mike has gone on record saying he would be happy to move if the turnpike were to take its original path over his establishment, because "in the end, it's just a structure".  But this statement raises a string of questions with residents.   Is the loss of a restaurant really equatable to a home?   If walls do not define him, then why not move his business?  
If economic growth is so slow for Choctaw, why has Old Germany stayed in this location for 40 years?  

Still, Turek seems blind to any correlations between his situation and those fighting for their homes. 
“For them to call a boycott on my restaurant, our livelihood, is awful," Turek said. "They shouldn’t do that."    However, opinins to the contrary abound.   As local resident Eddie succinctly states, " Mike Turek can say anything he likes, and we have the right to boycott any restaurant we like. He may have done a lot for this community but this community has done EVEN MORE for him. Many of us feel as though he has turned his back on us. We feel betrayed by him. He doesn’t just have a different opinion than me, he is actively supporting someone attempting to bulldoze my house to the ground. I’d say that is pretty damn personal wouldn’t you?"

While it seems improbably that Turek could be oblivious to his ironic turn of events, at least one local resident questions if Turek's surprise was real.  "How could he not know?  It's called karma.  I hate to say it but I think he just wanted free advertising, and KFOR gave it to him."   While no formal declaration of a boycott has been found, many residents feel helpless to do anything other than let their money talk.   Residents further note, "Money seems to be the only thing some people understand.   Maybe if we speak their language they'll actually listen." 

Are there lessons to be learned?   It would seem one certainly stands out.   "The First Amendment does not protect you from repercussion.  If you publicly express yourself in a manner that is offensive, hurtful, or just plain dumb, strangers might contact your friends/family/school/employer and tell them what you did. That is not infringing on your right to free speech; it's pointing out how you choose to exercise that right."

When asked what final words they would like to give local pro-turnpike businesses, local residents caution:  "L
eave my property out of your business plans. Taking what isn't yours is called stealing.  Profiting from someone's catastrophic loss after you promoted it is called greed."

The Choctaw Economic Develompent Authority (CEDA) meets the last Wednesday of the month at 4:30 pm at Old Germany Restaurant located at 15920 SE 29th St.   The meetings are open to the public.  

Landowners taking a closer look at who supports Turnpike Agenda.


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I believe that having the freedom of speech doesn't mean we should speak without even thinking. We should think really wisely before telling or sharing our thoughts. We should at least consider the feelings of others first before voicing out our feelings. However, if we will not be able to do this, then we should be ready to face the consequences. We should prepare ourselves from the punishment that we will be facing.

03/29/2017 1:21pm

This saying is really misused by us in different ways like we never think before we speak and just pop out our words. The freedom of speech never means to speak whatever you want to speak. We need to be aware of our sayings whether they are pleasant or hurting for others.


Remarkable! People don’t realize that there are limitations to the freedom of speech. Just because you are free to say anything you want doesn’t mean you should because some of the things you want to say are equipped with consequences. There is absolutely nothing wrong in wanting to express yourself. However, you have to assure that your words will not hurt anybody. Otherwise, there will be consequences. You can practice freedom of speech without eliciting hatred towards the world. Just be mindful and sensitive of your words.


This is a very good depiction of freedom of speech. As a writer, I always make sure that even if I have the freedom to write, I should always make sure that my words are right and the facts that I'm saying is really true. And even if we have the right to say what we want, we should always keep in mind if that is right and no one is being hurt. And it is good that in this context, the people stand up for their rights. It's good to see how they were united in fighting.

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