When is a road dangerous?   When it separates you from your constitutional rights.

We ask any Oklahoma residents to watch the following documentary.   The intro segment is just 9 minutes.   We think those currently battling Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will find the situation eerily similar:   a network of roads, governmental power, lack of representation, lack of accountability to voters, corporate overreach, rampant cronyism, all resulting in staggering debt.   Yes, it's Texas and the scope is larger, but no less applicable to our current struggle.  

We hope this award winning documentary opens eyes and raises questions.  



04/12/2017 10:54pm

You give the detail about the government satisfaction and UN-satisfaction. Mostly government always has been busy to the common routine of the work and did not work for the people. People need good security system and better economy. But this government failed to provide the basic needs of the people.

08/24/2017 6:30pm

There are so many issues right now that got me crazy! I don't know which side should I go to. Tinker was said to be supporting a negative project. Tinker is an established organization but they do not have a very clean name in the industry because of different issues they've been dragged to. But despite all these claims, I believe that they do not fully support the Turnpike Project. At the same time, I also do not believe that they are 100% innocent regarding this matter. Let's just pray for the betterment of everything.


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