When spokeman Jack Damrill discussed OTA agenda without the fetters of 'talking points' we get down to the truth.   Please notice how words like "traffic alleviation" and "safety" have only recently been added to the dialog.  At a recent meeting Jack declined the opportunity to read this email aloud to a group of angry citizens.  He could have used any words he wanted in his email - and I think he did. 

Did this email help convince Choctaw City leaders to sell out Harrah homeowners and residents for the promise of a dollar?   It is hurtful to think that it could have.   I fear that Choctaw leaders may have adopted a very dangerous and greedy mentality that is going to cost neighboring residents our homes!
  Property owners in Harrah, Luther, Choctaw and Newalla would like to see the council uphold the law that states that commerce based eminent domain is not permissible!!   We are hopeful that Choctaw City Council will respond to the resounding voice of opposition, do right by the constituents that voted for them, respect their neighboring sister cities, and issue an immediate statement against the turnpike project.   Constitutional rights should not be trampled on for profit. 


05/22/2016 5:07am

This email reflects the shit facts that they guys do. If we are able to trace their criminal records, then they stay silent in front of the audience. And then gradually start convincing them again with themselves. Majority of the country politicians are the creepers which are spoils others.

02/24/2017 5:06am

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